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This project explores whether a Robot can trigger the same reactions of euphoria and inspiration as a Contemporary Piece of Dance. Is writing a Piece of Code equivalent to writing a Choreography?

What would happen if for a moment we forget about all the concepts we know about robots and we start thinking of them as expression instruments? The same way a violin is a way for a composer to materialize in physical vibrations her music, a ballerina is to a choreographer a way to materialize his composition in movement, a robot specially designed and built for an aesthetic performance could be the instrument for a Coder-Choreagrapher to materialize a performance. And this is where it gets really interesting. Making some connected mechanisms move randomly doesn't mean the robot is dancing the same way playing some random notes in a piano doesn't make a musical masterpiece. On the other hand playing a Mozart partiture or dancing a Pina Bausch choreography doesn't automatically make you accepted at The Julliard, it is clear that the execution is as important. What affects the execution? In music of course is the performer skills but also the instrument itself. In the case of a dancer it's again his/her skills but also his/her body type. In the case of a Robot Ballerina, the compiler will execute the code skillfully but once again the instrument itself and how it is constructed will unquestionably affect the output.

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